Ai Serving Gaming Communities

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Ai technology could improve the viewing experience of gamers across the globe. Creating a more engaging platform, that used Artificial Intelligence to suggest the perfect stream for you.

Scope of Work

Brand Strategy: We worked closely with the executive team to create and execute a go-to-market strategy. We created the social media plan and style guide used to guide social media interaction, community interaction, and content creation.

Content Creation: We produced original 2D & 3D graphics to be shared via social media on a daily basis. We kept a finger on the pulse of the latest market trends and game updates to produce content that was highly relevant and engaging.

Business Development: We created an open dialogue between our community & the engineering team attempting to best serve them. We created a customer advisory board willing to provide real-time feedback. We frequently requested community feedback to guide faster and better technology iterations. Additionally, we helped identify innovative digital marketing techniques, the execution of these tactics led to thousands of app downloads at a very low cost. We also sourced digital influencers & live stream creators to assist with platform distribution and awareness.

Community Management: We managed the Watch Jumper communities that resided within each social media platform and discord.

Summed Up

Watch Jumper was a brave experiment implementing cutting-edge artificial intelligence to best serve gaming communities. Our work with ShapeShift Gaming allowed for a real-time feedback loop for the engineering team.